Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy rs07 gold and rs3 gold without id verification ?

Osrsgd provide many payment methods without ID verification like perfectmoney payeer okpays skrill and so on. Similarly,you can also use digital currency for payment, we currently accept bitcoin, dash, dogecoin litecoin Zcash Ethereum……You can get the corresponding payment account through customer service, we will according to the amount of money received the corresponding value of runescape 2007gold or runescape gold. So you can save a lot of time and get quick access to the gold you buy. And to avoid the leakage of personal information to the outside.

How to buy rs07 gold pay by phone ?

You can browse our website, place orders, and communicate online on mobile client handsets. The same can also be paid by mobile phone.

How to ensure the security of the transaction ?

As we know, Real world trading inside the game is risky. But trading of goods between normal players is a normal, game-based rule, so we encourage you to choose safer ways to buy gold directly or to exchange gold for the same value. In addition to avoid the time to choose some trading high risk transaction locations.

Can I apply for a refund after payment is completed ?

You can apply for a refund anytime before the transaction, and we will refund your payment unconditionally as soon as possible. Of course you also have the option of partial refunds and partial transactions.

Can i swap rs3 to osrs07 on Osrsgd ?

Yes,We will redeem services based on the latest market prices, including exchange of rs03 gold and commodities, but this may take longer than direct gold exchange transactions. Specific circumstances you can consult our customer service.

How to sell rs07 gold safely ?

After determining the location of the transaction, we will send the game character name and transaction location to you by mail. During the transaction, we first confirm the character name, and then receive the affirmative response before trading the rs gold.

Which payment methods are offered to the seller?

We currently provide paypal skrill perfectmoney payeer western union and digital currency payment methods,Before the transaction, the seller should confirm the collection method and rate with the customer service staff. All the money will be sent immediately after the gold received.

Can non-members purchase rs07 products on Osrsgd ?

Yes,Non-members can choose one of the rsgame items on our site for purchase, you can continue the purchase after the payment is completed, or you can cancel the product and choose another product for payment.

Benefits of registering a member

First, the number of products you choose is unlimited, followed by a 2% discount on the price of the product,We will promptly notify you of our latest promotions.

How to check my order status ?

You can check the My Order button in My Account to see the order staus.

How to get in touch with the Osrsgd staff support ?

First, our online customer service staff is working 24/7,so just click on livechat is ok.You can also get in touch with us by mail , we will reply you as soon as possible.Of course, you can also contact us by Skype Live:Sellrs07.

How to protect the customer's personal information at Osrsgd ?

Your registration information will be encrypted for security,We do not provide your information to any third party or company,Second, we will contact you directly with your personal information in the game, and will not display or save on the website.Third, we provide a large number of payment methods without verification to avoid the user to provide their personal identification documents, bank card information.

What is Osrsgd membership promotion plan

Any introductory friends and other players choose our website products, we will give recommenders rewards.In addition to enjoying the 2% discount, we will award 1% of the order amount to the referee.


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